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Churches and Organizations offer internships for many reasons. They see student interns as fruitful and economical resources with which they can accomplish projects not otherwise possible. They believe interns bring enthusiasm and new ideas into work settings and make strong future team members. 

An Exchange:  The student agrees to complete work that will benefit the host Church/organization and in return is offered the opportunity to learn new skills, expand his or her knowledge of a particular field and explore career options.

An Investment: A Church or organization should ensure that a current member of their staff will have the time and capacity to oversee Intern(s) and provide learning opportunities as well as coaching through teachable moments.

A Development Opportunity: A fine balance must be cultivated between ensuring the student has a meaningful learning experience and addressing the completion of more routine work responsibilities involved in all positions and projects. A good rule of thumb would be that 60% of the internship responsibilities are professional and 40% of the internship responsibilities are part of daily operational routine.

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1st Year

Christiana Klingbeil

Master of Divinity

1st Year

Caleb Elijah Mooney

Business & Professional Leadership

1st Year

Isabella Sannuto

Business & Professional Leadership



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