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Bayside College started in 2012 as a ministry training program. In 2017 the College partnered with Southeastern University to provide accredited degree programs as well as leadership training. Since then, Bayside College has grown to an enrollment of approximately 300 students, and we are currently the largest extension site of Southeastern University.

Bayside College offers 15 undergraduate degrees and 5 graduate degrees through our partnership with Southeastern University.  During a time when many students are choosing alternative education or online degree programs, Bayside College continues to grow. Students are choosing Bayside as a place where they can not only earn a degree but grow as a leader, find community, and gain experience in their field of study.

Small, interactive classes provide excellent learning options for Gen Z where students can engage with material and develop their own learning pathways.  Bayside College is set apart from other colleges based on our focus to develop leaders. Students participate in 2 years of leadership development and 2 years of leadership practice alongside of their academic classes.

These experiences help students to develop character and gain the competency needed to set them apart in their career. They acquire the personal skills needed to navigate leadership challenges and make a Kingdom impact in their career. Examples of specific leadership skills include mastering the art of interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, complex problem-solving, leading to inspiring others, team building, effective communication techniques, time management principles, and more. All students seek a place where they can belong.

At Bayside College every student is part of a team or group that commits to spend the academic year with one another. These students learn to conquer physical, mental, and emotional difficulties together.  They encourage one another to walk in integrity and rise above conflict to lead well. The relationships formed through these teams and groups last a lifetime.

To gain experience, our students receive 24 credit hours towards their bachelor’s degrees in hands-on leadership. Students learn from different ministries areas and/or businesses to gain the real-life experience needed to be successful in the marketplace or ministry. Each semester students select a 3-credit hour internship in their field of study.

These internships are set up to provide opportunities for students to succeed and fail in safe environments where they can learn from their mistakes and grow in their skills. To reach more students and continue growing as a college, Bayside is need of affordable and reliable student housing. Currently 35% of our students are from out of town and many from out of state.

These students are seeking a college experience that provides more than a degree. Living on campus allows students to fully participate in every aspect of leadership development, community and gain the hands-on experience needed to be successful in their career. Assistance in funding student housing allows Bayside College to provide affordable Christian education to future leaders.